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7th Asia-Pacific Congress on Catalysis
January 17-21, 2017

Hotel The Lalit, Mumbai
Maharashtra, INDIA

Sessions Details

APCAT-7 aims to provide a high-profile and internationally renowned forum for researches in catalysis science and technology, with the theme of "CATALYSIS FOR SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT, PEACE AND PROSPERITY". The Conference will cover major themes relevant to the Catalysis area through Plenary and Keynote Lectures and Invited Talks. Besides Oral and Poster Presentations along with competition for young students will be organized. Special issues of renowned journals are planned in the usual tradition. Delegates not only from Asia Pacific region but over 40 different countries are expected to participate.

Technical Sessions


•    Advances IN Fischer tropsch synthesis

•    Advances IN Friedel Crafts reaction

•    Algal based technologies

•    Bio-catalysis

•    Biomass conversion

•    Bioprocess engineering

•    Biorefinery

•    Catalysis BY zeolites

•    Catalysis FOR organic reaction

•    Catalysis FOR smart cities

•    Catalysis FOR textile wastes water treatment

•    Catalysis FOR waste TO wealth

•    Catalysis IN air pollution technologies

•    Catalysis IN Food AND Flavor industry

•    Catalysis IN pharmaceutical industry

•    Catalysis- Prospects AND Perspectives FOR Peace AND Prosperity

•    Catalyst deactivation

•    Catalyst preparation AND characterization

•    Catalytic membrane reactors

•    Chiral Chemistry

•    Clean technologies

•    CO2 Sequestration AND its utilization

•    Computational aspects IN catalysis

•    Electro catalysis

•    Energy

•    Enzyme immobilization AND stabilization, particularly IN non-conventional media

•    Fermentation processes

•    Fertilizer industry

•    Fine chemicals

•    Flow Chemistry

•    Fuel cells

•    Green catalytic routes FOR dyestuff technology

•    Green surfactant AND their applications

•    Homogenous catalysis

•    Hydrogen generation AND STORAGE

•    Hydrogenation

•    Micro- AND meso-porous materials

•    Nanomaterials

•    New catalytic combustion technologies AND catalysts

•    New catalytic routes AND processes

•    Organic PROCESS development FOR catalysis

•    Organocatalyis

•    Oxidation

•    Photocatalysis

•    Polymerization

•    Process intensification

•    Production of fine chemicals AND chiral products

•    Reaction engineering AND scale up

•    Redox Catalysis

•    Renewable energy

•    Safer chemical design

•    Solid acid catalyst

•    Solid base catalysis

•    Spectroscopic methods FOR structural characterization

•    Synthesis of Nano catalyst AND its application

•    Valorization of ethanol

•    Water

•    Miscellaneous topics

News & Updates

  • APCAT-7 Concludes on High Note
  • APCAT-7 in nutshell- 17 Keynotes, 30 Countries, 38 Invited, 80 Poster Presenters, 175 Oral Presenters



THE VENUE : Hotel Lalit, Mumbai

Hotel Lalit, Mumbai located close to the city's airports and minutes away from business and financial districts, The Lalit Mumbai offers a calm and peaceful oasis for business and leisure travellers. With a soaring seven-storey atrium lobby, one of the largest in Asia and priceless murals, it exudes sheer luxury and opulence. It hosts many national & international Events in Mumbai as well as Conferences in Mumbai.




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